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Kawhi Leonard Drops Another Hint That He May Be Staying In Toronto Next Season

Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The fate of Kawhi Leonard's future with the Raptors is the NBA's biggest mystery -- and for good reason. The season of his arrival, he changes the course of NBA History by leading Toronto to their first Championship ever. And now, he might be leaving almost just as quickly as he arrived. Wherever he ends up, he will bring along the hopes and expectations of a Championship along with him.

The Clippers have been the team thus far, going so far as to attempt to buy out the rights to his logo in order to convince him to sign. Admittedly, they have a good chance.

But as Toronto closes the gap in the Leonard race, we may have received an indication that they are a whole lot closer to getting him back than we all though. In a Twitter post by a Junior NBA Insider, Kawhi Leonard has officially signed A sponsorship deal with Ontario based company, Cargo Jet Airways, the same group that gave hip-hop icon (and Raptors superfan) Drake his personal Boeing 767 Airplane.

Granted, this is no direct confirmation that he is signing with the Raptors. No matter what happens this summer, he will always be an icon in the city and, therefore, will always have connections.

But at the very least, it can be received as good news for the Raptors. No doubt, they will take whatever they can get leading up to the big day on July 1st.