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Kawhi Leonard Expected To Announce Free Agency Decision Today

Kawhi Leonard Expected To Announce Free Agency Decision Today

It looks like we're getting close to the end of the Kawhi Leonard saga after months of speculation about where the forward is going to play next season. At this very moment, three teams are in the race for Leonard's services: the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers and Toronto Raptors. Luckily for these teams, and for NBA fans in general, Leonard is expected to announce his final decision today.

Chris Carter explained on First Things First on Friday morning that Kawhi Leonard signing with the Los Angeles Lakers would be a culmination of his original trade request from the San Antonio Spurs. He originally asked San Antonio to ship him to the Lakers and only after that request was denied he demanded to be traded to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Leonard has already met with the Lakers, Clippers and Toronto Raptors.

"For Kawhi, this is about which organization is going to support his quest to be the best player in the world and get as many championships as possible. To me, the only team that presents that is the Lakers. I believe there's going to be an announcement today," said Carter.

After months of rumors and contradictory reports, it looks like we are hours away from knowing what jersey Kawhi Leonard is going to wear next campaign. Albeit the Lakers have been identified as the favorites to get Leonard's signature, nobody dares to assure where he's going to take his talents this summer.