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Kawhi Leonard Explains The Rumor He Brought 12 Red Apples To A Spurs Team Dinner And Ate Them With A Knife And Fork

(via USA Today)

(via USA Today)

Kawhi Leonard addressed many things during his guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last Wednesday night. Because Leonard is usually closed off to the media, his shyness leaves room for rumors and absurd stories about the two-time champion to circulate.

Apparently one of those strange stories is: while Kawhi Leonard attending a famous San Antonio Spurs team dinner he arrived with a bag of apples. Supposedly, Kawhi declined to eat the dinner the team was serving and instead ate his way through 12 red apples with a knife and fork. To add to an already curious dinner choice, Leonard allegedly said to himself, “it’s apple time, apple time.”

Sadly, it turns out it was not “apple time”, Leonard laughed and denied the story,

“Who came up with that story?”

The two-time Finals MVP did acknowledge that there is a sliver of truth to the rumor, Leonard does have an apple tree on his property.

Leonard’s mysterious personality leaves many things up to speculation, we now have an answer to at least one of the more bizarre stories about him. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview was charming and left the internet with some more hilarious Kawhi soundbites.