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Kawhi Leonard Gets Heavy Boos At Rams Game In Los Angeles

(via The Sumter Item)

(via The Sumter Item)

Kawhi Leonard is a Clipper. Not only is he a Clipper, but he brought Paul George along with him, and has now set the team up to win their first-ever NBA Championship.

Still, he is not seen as a hero in the eyes of the city -- or, at least, half of it.

Throughout his free-agency process, the Lakers were named as the team with the highest chance of landing him. Rumor and speculation pretty much had him headed to wear the Purple and Gold. Ultimately, that scenario fell-apart when it was announced he would join the Clippers.

He broke the heart of Laker Nation, and they were not afraid to make their feelings known to him at a Rams game in Los Angeles as they booed the superstar.

Clearly, there is some real friction between the Clippers and Lakers. The power struggle for Los Angeles is up for grabs and as both teams vie for a Championship, they are likely to be each other's biggest obstacle.

Kawhi Leonard just got a little taste of what that rivalry looks like.