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Kawhi Leonard Gives Advice About Kevin Durant's Achilles Injury


Kahwi Leonard offered up some of his advice in the wake of Kevin Durant's devastating Achilles injury. He urged the Golden State star to be patient with his return...

See, Kawhi knows a thing or two about missing time due to injury. In San Antonio, he missed nearly an entire season for an injury nobody really knew anything about. The Spurs did their best to push him back -- and even resorted to calling him out to the media at one point -- until Kawhi finally had enough.

And for the Raptors this season, he was careful with his body, and missed close to 25 percent of the games for "load management." It has paid off so far.

If Durant is to return to full strength at any point, he will need to listen to his body, and be patient with his recovery -- something he probably should have done with his strained calf in the game leading up to his Achilles tear.

Nonetheless, if anybody can come back at least at half strength, it is 10x All-Star Kevin Durant.