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Kawhi Leonard Has Already Been Spotted In LA After Failing To Support The Spurs This Postseason


Lakers fans, this is one of those times where you'd be justified in starting the rumor mill this offseason.

Kawhi Leonard's 2017-18 NBA season has been a tumultuous one. After suffering an ankle injury against the Warriors in lat year's Western Conference Finals, and then injuring his right quad during rehab for his injured ankle, the San Antonio Spurs star proceeded to sit out 73 of the Spurs' 82 games this season, and wasn't healthy enough to return for the Spurs first-round playoff matchup against the Warriors this year.

Rumors began to swirl towards the end of the season that Kawhi was actually healthy enough to return to the Spurs lineup right before the playoffs rolled around, but decided against it, instead opting to head to New York to continue rehab on his quad. This led to people speculating Kawhi wasn't happy with San Antonio, and was trying to force the organization's hand at trading their star player.

In reality, things probably haven't reached that stage yet for Kawhi and the Spurs, but a recent video showing Kawhi at an LA Dodgers game in Los Angeles may only prove to accelerate trade talks.

It's been just over two weeks since the Spurs were eliminated. Kawhi Leonard wasn't able to attend a single playoff game.

Tonight, he caught a Dodgers game in LA. This will definitely be your Laker fan-friend's new favorite video.

So Leonard was too busy with his injury to support his team behind the bench during the postseason, but two weeks later he's in Los Angeles at a baseball game? Something seems a little off.

With the Lakers preparing for one of their biggest free agency periods this upcoming offseason, Kawhi -- who grew up in LA -- could be a major target after all.