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"Kawhi Leonard Has Had A True Attitude Adjustment. For The Last Few Years, He’s Treated Basketball Like A Hobby Rather Than His Job,” Says Chris Broussard

(via The SportsRush)

(via The SportsRush)

Kawhi Leonard is a 2x Champion and 4x All-NBA player who is widely considered one of the best ballers of the current generation.

If you ask many around the NBA community, however, Kawhi's attitude and approach to the game (no doubt including his load-management techniques) have long been a problem -- and may have contributed to his team's shortcomings in 2020.

But in an appearance on UNDISPUTED, Fox Sports analyst Chris Broussard explained why Leonard's approach may have finally changed to start this news season...

“He has had a true attitude adjustment,” Broussard said. “For the last few years, he’s treated basketball like a hobby rather than his job. Now, he’s playing a career-high 34.2 minutes a game. He’s said he’s going to go on and continue to play back-to-backs. This attitude adjustment is good for the Clippers.”

For years, Kawhi has been leading the NBA's growing trend of "load management," sitting out games for the sake of rest and taking a day off. Many blamed that practice for messing with the Clippers' chemistry and setting the wrong message to his teammates.

This year, it seems Leonard is taking a different approach, and it has worked wonders for the club so far. This season, the Clippers are 6-3 and stand third in the West. Kawhi has averaged 23 points, 6.1 assists, and 5.6 rebounds per game.