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Kawhi Leonard Hilarious Comment On Serge Ibaka's Status With Clippers: "Serge Ibaka Can’t Talk Too Much, He’s On The Trade Block. Whoever Wants Him, Let Us Know.”

Credit: NBAE

Credit: NBAE

Kawhi Leonard has made some "serious" revelations about Serge Ibaka and his status with the Los Angeles Clippers at this moment. Ibaka starred in one of the scariest moments in the young
2020/21 NBA season when he hit Kawhi in the face with his elbow. The Klaw needed eight stitches in his face and now needs to use a mask to protect his face.

It was a very unfortunate situation but Kawhi seems to leave that in the past but not in a common way. He's apparently put Ibaka on the trade block. After the Clippers beat the Portland Trail Blazers, 128-105, Leonard addressed the media and talked about his injury and how he's handling things with Ibaka. He told to the press, with a straight face, that Serge was on the trade block now.

While talking about his new nickname, Leonard couldn't help but reveal the Clippers' plans for Ibaka way before the trade deadline.

“They start calling me leatherface and stuff,” Leonard said. “But Serge can’t talk too much, we got him on the trading block right now. So whoever wants him, let us know, we’re trying to trade Serge.”

He also talked about his mask, which sparked many reactions from fans, explaining that it was a curious situation since the mask was made to protect his lips and cheeks, which made the job harder for the team's medical staff.

“Just where the injury is, it’s a little difficult,” Leonard said. “Some guys have cheek fractures or they break their nose, and mine is really like trying to protect the stitches from getting hit and ripped, so it’s a different scenario, you’re trying to protect the lips and my jaw and my cheek. You know it’s hard to do and that’s what I’m saying it’s kind of hard to breathe, cuz you can’t really expose my mouth so much, you have to bring it out and put a hole in. But there’s a whole process to it. You know, we’re still trying to work on something better but worked out pretty well tonight, I might have to get a mouthpiece or something.”

Well, it's good to know that the 2x NBA champion is doing fine. He needs to worry about winning now while Ibaka needs to figure out where he will play next.

Of course, this was all a joke, as Kawhi was the one who recruited Ibaka and it'd be crazy seeing the Congolese-Spanish star leave the team for an accident.