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Kawhi Leonard: "I Don't Play Hero Basketball. I'm Just Playing To Win"

Max Kellerman: "Kawhi Is The Best, Most Clutch Basketball Player On Earth Right Now"

One of the biggest questions before this season were the ones surrounding the Toronto Raptors and their newly acquired star Kawhi Leonard. Now, a year after leaving the San Antonio Spurs and joining the Raptors, Kawhi is one of the biggest points of this NBA season, as he took his side to defeat impressive squads on his way to the Finals and right now is one game away to his second NBA title.

He has a goal and that goal is about to be reached. Following his Toronto Raptors' 105-92 Game 4 win Friday night to take a 3-1 NBA Finals lead over the Golden State Warriors, the Klaw described what he thinks about his performances and statistics to ESPN's Doris Burke:

"I don't play hero basketball. I'm not playing for fans. I'm just playing to win. I'm not out here trying to break records..."

Although he’s not playing for fans, Kawhi’s numbers this Finals and postseason have been great. Before his game-best 36-point in Game 4, the 27-year-old was the second-leading scorer in these playoffs at 31.1 points per game.

Besides that, he has given us legendary moments such as the first Game 7 buzzer-beater in NBA history to eliminate the Philadelphia 76ers in the Conference Semifinals. Even if he doesn’t want to play for fans, he still does it indirectly and his performances in this Finals are the prime example of that.

He is about to give the Raptors their first NBA Championship ever and his second one while ending the chances of the Warriors to make a three-peat, just like he did against the Miami Heat with the San Antonio Spurs a couple of years ago.