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Kawhi Leonard: "I Don't Play Hero Basketball. I'm Not Playing For Fans. I'm Just Playing To Win. I'm Not Out Here Trying To Break Records.”



Kawhi Leonard will have the chance to win his second-straight NBA Championship this summer. Just a year ago, he led the Raptors through an inspiring run, helping them secure the franchise's first-ever title.

Now, he'll try to help the Clippers do the same. With Paul George, Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, and a brilliant caching mind in Doc Rivers to join Leonard, the Clips are one of the best-equipped teams in the league.

Of course, how far they go will depend on a number of factors, but the leadership of Kawhi is no doubt one of the most important. What's his plan to victory? Fortunately, he already shared his mindset last June.

Kawhi is known for staying away from the theatrics. Putting aside his disruptive exit from San Antonio, he has always been one of the NBA's quietest stars. He plays the game, answers questions, and keeps to himself for the most part.

The Clippers will need that to continue if they really want to win the Chip this year. The path to a title is harder than ever before and teams with distractions probably won't get very far.