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Kawhi Leonard, Paul George React To Luka Doncic's Game-Winning Shot

Credit:: Getty Images

Credit:: Getty Images

Luka Doncic once again enchanted everybody on Sunday with a great performance. The Slovenian player arrived on the court with a sprained ankle, without his best partner, Kristaps Porzingis, against a team that looked set to take the fourth game of the series.

Well, Doncic had other plans and he led his Dallas Mavericks to the win, recording a 40-point triple-double and shooting the game-winner that drove everybody crazy on Sunday night.

A lot of players react to that shot, including the victims. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were asked about Doncic's performance and game-winner after the game and both agreed that the 21-year-old is playing great basketball, doing things that not a lot of players have done in their second year in the league.

Leonard explained that the team switched in that last possession, which opened the door for Luka to sink the 3-pointer that tied the series.

“Yeah, we switched,” Leonard said. “That was the game plan. He’s a great player, made a great shot. Got to his spot and made it.

Reggie Jackson was the one who defended Doncic in that last possession. The Clippers have several good defenders on their roster and yet they decided to send Jackson to defend the most dangerous player on the rival team.

Paul George, on the other hand, reflected on his struggles this season, claiming that things would be very different had he make more shots. He credited the Mavs for their good moment but stated that this wouldn't be happening if he was shooting better.

“If I make shots, this series could be a little different. And that’s the obvious, of course. That’s what it just comes down to. But give them credit, they’re playing well, they’re defending, they’re shooting the ball, Luka is playing phenomenal — you gotta give credit where credit is due. But to be honest, in hindsight, if I shoot the ball better, this series would be a lot different.”

Doncic and the Mavs look very hungry. At the beginning of the series, nobody believed they could put pressure on the Clippers except for them and their fans, but Doncic has brought hope to this team. Some could say this series would be 3-1 in their favor if Porzingis wasn't ejected in the first game. The Clippers have some work to do if they want to advance to the second round and justify why they were seen as favorites to the title throughout the season.