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Kawhi Leonard Praises Rajon Rondo After His First Game With The Los Angeles Clippers: "I Like His Mentality. He's Aggressive. He's A Competitive Person."

(via ESPN)

(via ESPN)

The Los Angeles Clippers exchanged Lou Williams for Rajon Rondo prior to the trade deadline this season, in an attempt to help some of the playmaking woes that were on the roster. Rajon Rondo is a proven champion, and he elevates his performances in the playoffs. Rajon Rondo is certainly a good addition to the Clippers.

Rajon Rondo is a player who has already made an impact on his teammates. Paul George is one of the players that has already praised him, and it is clear that Rondo is a player that can unlock this roster's full potential. After their recent game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Kawhi Leonard spoke to Rachel Nichols, and also said good words about Rondo.

Oh yeah, it's been fun. He's focused. He's trying to learn every play at every position. I like his mentality. He's aggressive. He's a competitive person.

Kawhi Leonard's short analysis covers all we need to know. Rajon Rondo has been trying to fit in as quickly as possible with the Los Angeles Clippers, and he has brought the right mentality to the team. Rajon Rondo is supposed to be the last piece for the Clippers: they have solid players on the team, but Rondo could potentially elevate the Los Angeles Clippers to another level. Rajon Rondo will be key to the Los Angeles Clippers and their championship chances.