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Kawhi Leonard Reacts To Reaching 10,000 Career Points: "To Be Honest, I Really Don't Care."

(via Ahn Fire Digital)

(via Ahn Fire Digital)

Scoring your 10,000th point is usually a pretty big deal for an NBA player.

It's a milestone that not everybody gets to achieve, and it shows a certain degree of longevity and talent that cannot be taken for granted.

For Kawhi Leonard, though, it doesn't seem to be any big deal at all. After being asked to react to the historic moment, the Clippers star gave a pretty short and blunt reply.

For those that are familiar with Leonard and his personality, that comment should really come as no surprise.

Kawhi isn't really about the self-praise or headline-grabbing quotes. He's a guy who wants to ball, do his job, and go home. He's all about living a modest life.

Of course, his focus is likely on other things anyway. Last season, the Clippers endured one of the biggest post-season collapses in basketball history, dropping a 3-1 lead to the Denver Nuggets in just the second round.

To make amends for that, and redeem both himself and his squad, he'll need to be the best version of himself on that basketball court, and that means complete and total focus.