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Kawhi Leonard Released Some Shoes That The 76ers Fans Will Never Buy

Kawhi Leonard Released Some Shoes That The 76ers Fans Will Never Buy

Kawhi Leonard's signature shoe is finally out after several months of waiting. The Los Angeles Clippers star had finished his contract with the Jordan Brand, becoming one of the hottest free agency for brands. Well, New Balance saw its opportunity and took it, signing the 2x NBA champion to a multi-year deal in 2018.

Now, he has his own signature shoe and it looks really good. However, don't expect these shoes to be sold in Philadelphia since is very unlikely that Sixers fans will buy them. NB decided to call the shoes '4 Bounces', named after Leonard's famous buzzer-beater shot against the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference Semifinals last year. That shot was memorable and Kawhi has decided to brand himself around that buzzer-beater.

It's not necessary to remember that game and how hurtful that loss was for the Sixers, but Kawhi isn't trying to forget that. In fact, he's doing anything to remind Sixers fans about that shot.

New Balance global director of consumer marketing Pat Cassidy revealed that Kawhi was involved in the design of the shoes, so it wouldn't be a surprise if he was the one with the idea of calling them '4 Bounces'.

“To his credit, Kawhi is hyper-involved on a daily basis,” Cassidy said in an interview with Fast Company. “The stuff you’re going to see from the Four Bounces marketing, Kawhi’s fingerprints are all over it. Same with the shoe design. Our partnerships work best when that’s how it is.”

Kawhi won't let them forget.