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Kawhi Leonard Releases First Statements Since Trade To Toronto


Finally. After months of silence, Kawhi Leonard finally releases first statements since trade to Toronto, and he did that in his style:

But, we have also a few funny tweets about this statement:




With how long this Kawhi Leonard saga has been going, it might be hard to forget how it all began.

Some details are still a little murky, but it essentially started back in the 2018 NBA Playoffs, when Kawhi went down with an ankle injury. That was the last time we’d see Kawhi at his peak form (minus the 9 games he played the next season), as that injury coupled with the infamous quad disaster formed what would become the biggest scandal in Spurs history.

In short, the distrust started with the Spurs’ medical staff. When the team declared him healthy enough to play, he decided that was the wrong call, and sought out his own doctors over the team’s employees. His teammates, the organization, and the fans questioned why Kawhi was out, while Kawhi and his camp insisted he just wasn’t ready. It caused a massive drift that could never be repaired.

He will play for the Toronto Raptors and we will see where he will re-sign next season. One thing is sure... when Kawhi is healthy, he is amongst the top 5 best players in the league.