Kawhi Leonard Requests Meeting With Magic Johnson, Jeanie Buss

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(via Complex)

(via Complex)

As free agency inches closer, the idea of the Lakers landing themselves a third superstar seems more likely than it has ever been. With the team expected to be in heavy pursuit of a max free agent, they are showing their determination to get a deal done.

The question is, which players are going to return that interest?

Kawhi Leonard is one and has even gone as far as to request a meeting with Lakers legend Magic Johnson.

"A friend of mine called and says Kawhi wants to meet with you," Johnson told ESPN. "I said no problem. I'm available if that's what this man wants."

In a separate story by Stephen A Smith, he revealed the personal request made by Kawhi that only owner Jeanie Buss and Magic, the team's former president of basketball operations, be involved in the meeting.

It has yet to be explained why Leonard specifically asked for only those two in the meeting -- especially after the dysfunction surrounding their tenure together -- but L.A. has plans to involve more.

So, LeBron, Davis, Jeanie, and possible even Magic Johnson are expected to be present for the planned free agency meeting with Kawhi next week. The Lakers hope that will be enough to get him.

Unfortunately, they will face some steep competition. On the other side of the aisle are the Clippers with Jerry West, Doc Rivers, and Steve Ballmer ready to make a pitch of their own.