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Kawhi Leonard Responds To Game 2 Loss: "We Have To Play Better Defense."

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Just over a year after Kawhi Leonard hoisted the Larry O'Brien trophy with the Raptors, he's trying to do the same with a new team, in a new city, under completely different circumstances.

Considering the team L.A. was able to build around Leonard, it's hard to deny he and his new squad will be contenders for a long time.

As for this season, Kahwi is doing all he can to lead them to the promised land, but the competition has not made things particularly easy. Following their most recent loss (in which the team got dominated for pretty much the entire night), there are questions and general unease about who will move on in this series.

But, in typical Kawhi fashion, he spoke to the media and calmed things down, seeming hardly worried at all at the events that had transpired moments ago. He made several points about the game, noting Denver's increased aggression on defending drives, and L.A.'s iso-heavy play throughout the match.

Credit needs to be given to the Nuggets, who clearly made some adjustments entering Game 2. They played smart and mounted an early lead that L.A. couldn't recover from.

As for what we can expect going forward, that remains to be seen. We know Kawhi will have a better showing than his 4/17 performance in Game 2, but can the same be said for his supporting cast?