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Kawhi Leonard Said He Was ‘Very Close’ To Choosing Lakers Or Raptors In Free Agency


Much has been made about Kawhi Leonard's free agency saga. After winning a Championship in Toronto, the masses were confident that the Lakers were firmly in the lead to acquire the 2x Finals MVP. Instead, he challenged what everyone thought they knew by signing with the Clippers instead -- and bringing Paul George along with him.

All of this begs the question: was Kawhi ever really considering signing with the Lakers, or was he just blowing smoke on the situation?

According to "The Klaw" himself, he was pretty close to reaching a deal with the 16-time NBA Champions.

The Raptors, according to Leonard, had a chance as well. Evidently, it must have been the acquisition of Paul George that "sold" him on the franchise.

Then again, was it not Kawhi who recruited PG first? In some respects, the story is a bit confusing -- especially when you consider the reportedly outlandish demands Leonard and his camp was making of the Raptors and Lakers (whom he was apparently "strongly" considering).

Nevertheless, the Clippers go their man, and now have a roster that can compete for years to come. Kawhi recently turned 28 this past June and is expected to play out his contract in Los Angeles for the next three seasons.