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Kawhi Leonard Says He Hasn’t Purchased Property In Toronto

Kawhi Leonard Says He Hasn’t Purchased Property In Toronto

Kawhi Leonard is on the verge of giving the Toronto Raptors their first NBA championship in history and winning the second one of his career, but no matter how great Leonard or the Raptors have been in these finals and the playoffs in general, there is a big question surrounding the player and the franchise that can’t be answered right now no matter how bad we want it.

Many fans and experts across the league are wondering what Kawhi is going to do this offseason and where he will play next term, with several reports indicating he’s keen to come back to his hometown Los Angeles, probably to the Clippers.

Nevertheless, in recent days it was reported that Leonard had purchased a house in Toronto, which made Toronto fans happy, thinking that Kawhi made up his mind and he was going to stay in Canada but now things don’t look that clear after Leonard denied those rumors.

The Toronto Raptors forward was asked if he had bought property in Toronto at a media availability on Sunday before Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors on Monday and his response was simple.

Q: There was speculation earlier this week that you had purchased property in the city, I’m just curious if you wanted to clarify if in fact that actually occurred.

Kawhi: No it didn't. Didn’t happen yet, no.

Reports saw the light last week suggesting that Kawhi had bought a property in Toronto, but now the Klaw himself has turned down those rumors. Some Raptors fans interpreted the potential purchase as proof that he was planning to re-sign with Toronto during the upcoming free agency, but it looks like we still have to wait before knowing the answer to that question.

Kawhi is one game away to win the NBA Finals and he expects to reach that goal on Monday night against the Golden State Warriors; after that, we can know everything we want. Leonard has averaged 31.1 points per game this season, with a 49.8 field goal percentage overall and 39.1 percent from the three.