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Kawhi Leonard Sent Dwight Howard Some New Balance Gear

Credit: IG/Dwight Howard

Credit: IG/Dwight Howard

The battle of Los Angeles is set to restart and restart the NBA season next Thursday when the Lakers and Clippers will face for the fourth time this season. While that moment comes, it's all camaraderie between players, who will fight with everything they have to leave the Orlando bubble as the 2020 NBA champions.

Lakers and Clippers are two of the biggest favorite teams in the bubble and their rivalry has taken another dimension after the last offseason. One of them will probably make it to the Finals this year so the expectations around these two teams are big. Even though people have tried to create an epic narrative for this battle, pointing out the differences between the two squads and getting them out of proportion, everything seems to be fine between players.

For instance, Dwight Howard of the Lakers recently shared a picture of the gear he received from the Clippers' star Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi has become the face of New Balance and he sent a couple of gifts to D-12, who didn't hesitate to show them.

While Howard looked happy, several NBA fans started sharing their conspiracy theories on why Kawhi would do this to a player from his biggest rivals, less than a week before both teams clash on the court.

Well, Leonard is a fun and nice guy. He's just trying to be classy at the bubble, even with his rivals... Or not.

The Lakers and Clippers will go against each other next Thursday at 9 PM ET trying to beat their rivals and increase the gap between them or get closer in the fight for the 1st spot in the Western Conference.