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Kawhi Leonard Takes Subtle Jab At LeBron In New Balance Ad

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

For the first time ever, both L.A. teams have been named as top contenders for the 2020 NBA Championship. The league's re-vitalized rivalry features two of the best duos in the NBA, and expectations are soaring for the upcoming campaign.

And without a single game being played yet, one side has already thrown some shade at the other.

As part of a recent marketing scheme, Leonard has a commercial advertising his New Balance sneakers in which LA is declared “his city,” complete with subtle swings at "the King":


Of course, Bron was crowned as the King of the NBA and of the Lakers when he arrived a year ago. Kawhi's arrival obviously challenges that idea, and it's clear that he and his team plan to capitalize on it.

In the end, their play will do the talking.