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Kawhi Leonard Told Coach Nick Nurse His Free Agency Decision With A Three-Word Text Message

Kawhi Leonard Told Coach Nick Nurse His Free Agency Decision With A Three-Word Text Message

The NBA free agency is part of the past now, but we still get to know how things went down during arguably the craziest open market of all time. One of the most famous sagas of the free agency involved Kawhi Leonard and his new team in the league, which drove everybody crazy for some time.

Truth to his style, Leonard remained private with his free agency decision, which served a lot of people to create any amount of rumors and state anything they thought was going to happen. In the end, Kawhi ended up landing in the Los Angeles Clippers with Paul George.

That was indeed a shocking move seeing how Leonard managed everything. He never said anything until the last second and remain quiet. He did everything like that, simple and straight, including informing his prior team about his decision.

Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse revealed to Jackie MacMullan of ESPN how Leonard told his decision to him. Nurse was attending a concert with one of his assistant coaches, Nate Bjorkgren, when he received a simple three-word text message from Kawhi: "I'm going home."

Although we know now that he meant he was going to join the Clippers, that wasn’t the most explanatory message of all, given that, besides the Raptors, his other two options were the Clippers and Lakers. Perhaps the Klaw just wanted to make it clear that he wasn’t going to re-sign with the Raptors and that was it.

Kawhi, contrary to the rest of the big stars in the league chose a different path to announce his decision. Unlike other players like Kevin Durant, who was set to reveal his decision on Instagram before reporters announced his choice to join the Brooklyn Nets, and LeBron James with his infamous ‘The Decision’ show, Leonard took a different way and shocked everybody when he made his announcement.

Kawhi demonstrated he knows how to move behind the scene and make moves when nobody is watching. With things happening so fast like it was the case with the Clippers and George and Leonard, he probably didn’t have much more to do than sending a message to his former coach informing him of his decision.