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Kawhi Leonard Trade Updates


After a summer of wild rumors for Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs, things have ground to a halt here in recent weeks. As far as we know, no trades are imminent, as the Spurs' asking price for their prized star remains extremely high.

Still, it seems hard to beleive that Kawhi will be a Spur by the start of the regular season.

On Fox Sport's First Things First, Chris Carter provided the world with an update regarding this dragged-out drama session.

Carter reiterated that Kawhi won't sign the supermax he is now eligible for and does not want to do a 1-year rental for any team (like Toronto). He still very much wants to land in Los Angeles.

Though, at least for now, the Raptors are apparently offering the Spurs a "compelling" offer for Kawhi (via Brian Windhorst), despite the obvious doubts that he'd stay past next season.

Nobody knows how this Kawhi saga is going to end. Yes, all roads appear to be leading to the Lakers. But if a team like the Raptors trades for him this summer who's to say there isn't a chance he ends up staying there?

This will no doubt be an interesting few weeks.