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Kawhi Leonards Admits It Was "Tough" To Leave Raptors

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

Kawhi Leonard had everything he could ever want from a team with the Raptors. He was the face of the organization, was allowed to rest and heal his body on his terms, had a roaring fanbase behind him, and was supported by a stellar cast of teammates and coaches. It all came to a head when the Raptors raised the trophy in June.

Nonetheless, Kawhi left all of that behind for the sake of going home. And while there's no evidence to indicate it was the wrong move, even Kawhi admits it was a tough one to make.

"I gave a big consideration. I took my time like I did. I didn't hurry up and make a quick decision. I talked to the front office in detail. It was a hard choice to make."

If you remember, reports following Kawhi's decision indicated that the Raptors felt played by the star in free agency and that they doubted if he was ever really considering coming back at all.

Clearly, despite the doubts, Kawhi wants us to know that he was really considering re-signing in Toronto. Who wouldn't?

Tonight, the L.A. superstar is set to face his former team in the place where they made history just a few months ago.