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Kawhi Leonard's Close Friend, Jeremy Castleberry, Will Become Assistant Coach On The Clippers

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

Nobody can question the Clippers' loyalty to Kawhi Leonard. When he was in Toronto, they went to his home games. As the season ended, they tried buying out the right to his logo. In free agency, they did what they could to get him what he wanted (Paul George), even though it cost them an unreal number of future draft picks.

And now that he's finally a Clipper, they're helping out his friends.

According to The Athletic's Jabari Young, Kawhi's close friend Jeremy Castleberry will join the Clippers staff as an assistant coach this upcoming season.

Interestingly enough, Castleberry was employed by both Toronto and San Antonio when Leonard was there, with their relationship apparently dating back to high school and college at San Diego State where they both played basketball.

Leonard recently signed a 3-year max deal with the Clippers, keeping him in the franchise for at least a few seasons. Still, Leonard is one that does not trust easy. If the Clippers are to have him around long-term, they need to do things his way.

This Castleberry signing is just their latest attempt at doing just that.