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Kawhi Leonard's Latest Move Is Good News For The Raptors


It is a year of desperation for the Raptors as they seek to reap the benefits of their risky off-season deal for Kahwi Leonard.

If they can convince him to stay, then the team will be good for years to come. And with Lebron James now in the West, they'll consistently have a path to the NBA Finals.

If he elects to sign elsewhere this upcoming summer, however, their decision to trade DeMar DeRozan would be in vain.

Luckily for the Raptors, the latest move by Kawhi may be evidence that he's thinking of staying.

He's bought a house in Toronto, meaning he's more than willing to spend some significant time there this season.

So, Laker fans, don't hold your breath just yet on the promise of signing Kawhi this July.