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Kawhi Leonard's Sister, Kimesha Williams, Accused Of Killing 84-Year-Old Woman

(via New York Post)

(via New York Post)

One of Leonard’s sisters, Kimesha Monae Williams, 35, is being held without bail along with the other suspect, 39-year-old Candace Townsel from Moreno Valley for the suspected murder of an 84-year-old woman in Pechanga Resort Casino.

The victim, Afaf Anis Assad, was found badly beaten and unconscious in a bathroom after being dropped off with her husband at the casino by Assad's son-in-law, Wayne Brown.

(via CBS Los Angeles)

“She didn’t even get a chance to play,” Brown said. “I mean she had some money in her wallet because she was ready to play that day, and I don’t know if they targeted her because she just walked through the door and they knew she had money in her wallet.”

“We give ourselves this view that we live in a world that’s safe and civil, but in the end it’s like a wild world, you know,” Brown said.

Kimesha and 39-year-old Candace Townsel are the suspects being charged with murder and robbery. Kimesha Williams, in particular, has an extensive criminal history, including convictions for grand theft auto and attempted robbery. Her connection to Kawhi was made known to Brown and the victim's family.

“The family and I are aware of the connection. Obviously no one believes he was involved in any way in the incident. We’re aware that he has experienced similar tragedy in his past and we would hope that everyone is sensitive to this. I have only hope that he might keep my family in his prayers as we know he understands the pain we’re experiencing.”

Kawhi lost a loved one in 2008 when his father died in a shooting outside the carwash he owned in Compton. According to multiple reports over the years, the loss impacted him greatly.

Kawhi and his camp have yet to comment on this situation with Kimesha, but hopefully, some peace is brought to both families in the midst of this tragic situation.