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Kawhi Leonard's Son Will Always Be A Canadian

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Kawhi Leonard may have spent just the one season north of the border in Toronto, but the superstar forward gave Raptors fans the greatest season they had ever witnessed with the championship heading to Canada for the first time in history.

During his first public press conference since leaving the Raptors, Leonard spoke about his time spent in Toronto and how his partner, Kishele Shipley had birth to Kawhi’s son during the season. Not only that, the baby is confirmed as a Canadian citizen since it was born in Toronto.

It sure is an interesting situation as the two-time Finals MVP has now returned home to Los Angeles as he prepares for the 2020 season with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Kawhi Leonard thanked the doctors during his recent press conference and revealed that the baby who is now three-months-old is very healthy and doing well. There was no word on the baby’s name but the thing we know for sure is that he is certainly a Canadian. Even though Kawhi has moved back to Los Angeles, he’ll never be able to forget his time in Toronto and what he was able to achieve there, all thanks to his new son.

According to Canadian immigration and citizenship law, Kawhi Leonard’s son is officially a Canadian due to the “jus soli” laws which mean “right of soil” and states that anyone born on Canadian land is automatically a Canadian citizen even if their parents are not.

Raptors fans would have loved to have Kawhi stay with the franchise for a few more seasons to see if they could achieve back to back championships. However, they sure won’t be booing the champ when the Clippers arrive in Toronto next season.