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Kawhi Leonard's Trainer Deletes Tweets Criticizing Kyle Lowry's Performance In Postseason



The Toronto Raptors (who were favored in their second-round series against the Sixers) are now facing a must-win situation in Game 4. Kawhi Leonard held his own in Game 3, putting up 33 points in 37 minutes, but the Raptors' loss has put them in a very difficult position moving forward.

Most troubling has been the lack of support on offense by Leonard's teammates. With him off the floor, the Raptors are shooting an abysmal percentage from the field. Kyle Lowry has been practically a no-show, not only for Game 3 but for almost the entire series.

Months after his making his 5th career All-Star appearance in February, Lowry has become a shell of his former self this postseason.

Kawhi's trainer Clint Parks took note, and called him out on twitter before swiftly deleting it.

Lowry has been awful, and there is just frankly no other way to say it. Of course, the internet had its fun.

But on a more serious note, this could prove very damaging to the Raptors' future. As Kawhi's impending free agency nears, having his teammates disappear in the postseason only gives him more of a reason to leave.

Unless his teammates (Lowry included) step up, Toronto is in serious danger of being knocked off by Philadelphia, and in serious danger of losing their best player after giving up so much to get him just one summer ago.