Kawhi Leonard's Yearbook Reveals His Favorite Team Was The Denver Nuggets, And LeBron James Was The Best Athlete He Played Against

Kawhi Leonard's Yearbook Reveals His Favorite Team Was The Denver Nuggets, And LeBron James Was The Best Athlete He Played Against

Kawhi Leonard is one of the most mysterious figures in the NBA. The Klaw is a silent assassin on the court. Leonard has never been a vocal figure in whichever team he has played for, keeping his thoughts to himself for the most part. But in spite of this, Leonard has been very successful in the NBA. Leonard has been a former Defensive Player Of The Year, a multiple-time All-Star, and a two-time NBA Champion and Finals MVP. 

And as he enters free agency after two years of his stint with the Los Angeles Clippers, there is much speculation about his future. Leonard has already declined his $36 million player option to maximize his earnings. Many reputed analysts have suggested that Leonard will re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, but he will be listening to other teams and their offers. And now one piece of Leonard's history is giving Denver Nuggets fans some outside hope that he may join their team.

A picture of Kawhi Leonard's yearbook is circulating on social media, and some of the information on it is truly fascinating. In the picture, Leonard has answered some questions, and those answers are what is garnering a lot of attention. In the yearbook, under favorite team, Leonard has mentioned the Denver Nuggets. This is probably because Leonard has mentioned in the past his admiration for NBA legend Allen Iverson. And when Leonard was in high school, Iverson had been traded to the Denver Nuggets. So it is entirely possible that Leonard switched his allegiances to the Nuggets for his favorite player.

Kawhi Leonard's Yearbook
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Kawhi Leonard Denver Nuggets

What is even more interesting is that Leonard has mentioned LeBron James as the most athletic player he has ever played against. James had been in the league for several years even when Leonard was in high school and had even reached the NBA Finals before Leonard graduated high school. As of now, there is no indication of how James and Leonard played against each other when the player was in high school. But clearly, Leonard had the experience of going against James and understood what a physical specimen he truly was.

While this information is probably not an indication that Leonard will join the Nuggets, it is truly fascinating to know that they were his favorite team. Furthermore, it is what happened in the 2020 NBA Playoffs that makes this information even more fitting. Leonard and the Clippers famously blew a 3-1 lead against the Denver Nuggets and missed out on the Western Conference Finals. To this day, that loss is one of Leonard's biggest failures in his career. And for that to happen, especially against his former favorite teams, makes it even more interesting.