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Kawhi Responds After Being Asked About His Upcoming Free Agency



In just one season, Kawhi Leonard managed to take the Raptors further than they have ever been before. Masai Ujiri risked it all last summer (trading DeMar DeRozan, firing Dwane Casey) in an attempt to take the next step. It worked, and now all of Canada is reaping the benefits.

But as fans celebrate from around the world, one looming question hangs over their heads: is this it?

See, despite whatever weapons Toronto has, the team can only go as far as Kawhi Leonard takes them. This year, that happened to be all the way. Next year, he might not even be around to take them anywhere.

The Raptors have tried their best to convince the 3x All-Star that their team is the one that will make him happiest. Obviously, other teams around the association (hello Doc Rivers and the Clippers) have been trying to do the same. In an attempt to get some kind of clue as to the future of the mysterious Kawhi, Dorris Burke straight up asked the guy as the Championship streamers fell from the background.

His response did not do much.

“I’m about to enjoy this with my teammates and coaches, and I’ll think about that later,” Leonard said before turning around to enjoy the moment in front of him. The dude is harder to read than a physics textbook.

Nonetheless, we will not have to wait very long to know his next move anyway. With free agency less than 3 weeks out, and Leonard being the hottest commodity, you can expect a very loaded summer ahead.