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Kawhi Watch 2019: Free Agent Star Still Undecided, Will Not Make Decision Today

(via The Big Lead)

(via The Big Lead)

It is day 6 of NBA free agency, and Kawhi Leonard still has us checking our phones for an update about his future. After much speculation, the announcement was expected to drop today after several meetings with different teams, and time to talk things over with his family and circle of closest advisors.

Apparently, he will need another day.

According to Cris Carter (perhaps the NBA"s leading source on all things Kawhi), the 2x Finals MVP is undecided and will not be making his decision today. Additionally, Carter dispelled the popular notion that Kawhi is seeking a short-term deal.

So there you have it. No decision today.

Unfortunately, it likely means more deafening silence around the league, too. Without knowing here Kawhi will play, several teams and players are on hold. Danny Green is rumored to have interest in returning to the Raptors only if Kawhi re-signs. The Lakers, meanwhile, cannot make any more moves that might make a dent in the $32 million they have left in the cap.

It truly is a mysterious and eerily silent time for the NBA right now. And until the Kawhi domino falls, it will likely continue to be so.