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Kawhi Watch 2019: Raptors Had 'Strong' Meeting With Star Last Night

(via YouTube)

(via YouTube)

It may take a few more days for Kawhi to finally let the world know where he will be playing next season. The speculation has not stopped though and, so far, the reports have been all over the place.

Some say Kawhi to the Lakers is a done-deal, others say he will sign with Toronto, and still, some are "hearing" that all three teams are in it. In the latest update by Fox Sports' Chris Broussard, the 2x Finals MVP apparently had a "strong" meeting with the Raptors last night in Toronto.

He said the Clippers were out of contention. He said Drake was heavily involved in the meeting, even going so far as to offer him a place in his OVO brand. Interestingly, these statements directly contradict several other reports. Chris Carter said yesterday that all three teams had a chance and that it would take a while for Leonard to make up his mind.

Additionally, there are indications that Drake's plane did not land in Toronto until 7:00 am this morning, meaning it would be nearly impossible for him to have been present at a supposed meeting that took place yesterday.

Take that how you will, but it is an accurate representation of how this summer has been. Truth is, nobody really knows where Kawhi Leonard will land. And although playing this guessing game can be fun, we are all just waiting for the moment Kawhi announces his choice to the world.