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Kawhi Will Meet With 5 NBA Teams Before Making His Decision This Summer



Kawhi Leonard, at 27-years-old, is probably the league's hottest commodity right now as he prepares to enter free agency with an open mind. While the outcome of his decision has been a matter of debate for months, Chris Carter said on Fox Sports' First Thing First that he will give at least five teams a chance before making his final choice. Carter drummed up a list of candidates that sounds all too familiar...

The list of six (with the exception of Toronto) is pretty much the same song that has been sung for every free agent, including Kyrie, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant. It seems the New York and L.A. teams are in a position to make a serious move.

But, realistically, will Kawhi really consider joining the Lakers or Knicks? And Brooklyn? Toronto is favored, and for good reason. They are the Champs, they have earned Kawhi's trust, and they have brilliant-minded decision makers controlling the direction of the franchise.

Nonetheless, all will be revealed in a few weeks -- when Kawhi and the rest of the free agent pool will make their long-anticipated free agent decisions.