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Kawhi's Sister Had Some Interesting Things To Say About Why Her Brother Wanted Out Of San Antonio


It was the most talked about story of the summer. And now, weeks after the trade went down, many of us are still pondering what exactly happened between Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs organization.

So far, details have trickled down, as folk chime in with their takes on the situation.

This latest bit of dialogue by Kawhi' sister is an example yet another point of view. Except for this time, all blame is shifted to the Spurs... (via Instagram/mztwotwo):

 He quit or had no choice due to what was going on behind closed doors tht the SPURS IS not acknowledging??? U only know what is televised... Think about it. Its more thsn than U THINK U KNOW

Obviously, there was speculation that there was still much to uncover behind the scenes. But to imply that quitting was Leonard's only option is making quite a statement.

Maybe one day, we'll figure out just how deep this all goes.