KD's Brother Chimes In On Golden State Drama

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In what has quickly become the story of the season so far, KD's Golden State fiasco has turned into a media frenzy of mayhem.

The media isn't alone, however.

Kevin Durant's brother Tony recently chimed in on the matter as well, posting these words to his Instagram story, before promptly deleting them:

“True colors ain’t hard to see when someone is mad! It’s so much more clearer now lol.”

“Instead of competing with what’s already written, just follow along before the greatness is done rubbing off on you and people see you for what you really are…”

This is a clear jab at Draymond Green, who (to say the least) definitely let his emotions get the better of him.

And if Tony's thoughts are any reflection of his brother's, than Dray might not even be in Golden State long enough to worry about it.

Although Durant joined a team that was already great, he probably sees himself as their missing link. Whether or not that view is right or wrong is open for interpretation, but, no matter which way anyone slices it, it is becoming clearer and clearer that this situation runs deeper than most other things in this Warriors' dynasty have.

There may be no mending this one.