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Kelly Oubre Didn't Score Points Off Of A Non-Dunk: 0-7 On Layups, 0-13 On Jumpshots

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kelly Oubre Jr. appeared to be a good addition to the Golden State Warriors in the offseason but two games into the season, Oubre doesn't look like the player the Dubs expected him to be. The absence of Klay Thompson is taking a toll on the Warriors and that's going to be a problem always but Oubre landed here to relieve some of those issues.

Well, that hasn't been the case and the player is struggling to score unless he dunks the ball. Numbers don't lie and Oubre's are very outspoken. He has scored zero points off of layups and jumpshots. Kelly has attempted 7 layups and 13 jumpshots and absolutely none has gone through the basket.

This is obviously a problem for the Warriors knowing that they don't have Klay right now. Stephen Curry needs as much help as he can get and with Oubre playing at this level, the job is harder for Steph and co.

Curry already warned his teams that things need to change; they need to step up to reach the desired level. This season presents a lot of challenges for the team and they need to be ready for anything. Oubre surely needs to improve his level if he aspires to be a good player on this team, but only time will tell if he has success at it.