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Kelly Oubre Jr. On Michael Jordan: “He’s The Greatest Competitor Of All Time. He Talks To You Like A Player, Like A Peer, Instead Of A Boss Or Owner.”

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is widely recognized as one of the NBA's All-Time greatest players. A 14x All-Star, 5x MVP, and 6x Champion, there is no questioning MJ's place in basketball history.

As an owner, Jordan has received a lot of flak for his decisions, many of which have only pulled the Hornets further into obscurity.

But in a recent interview, Hornets guard Kelly Oubre Jr. provided a new perspective on Jordan, illustrating the competitiveness he spreads across the roster:

“He’s the greatest competitor of all time. So whenever he’s around, he pushes me, he pushes us as a group. He has that, ‘Come on man, you know better than that shit,’ but he talks to you like a player, like a peer, instead of a boss or owner.”

In the past, Jordan has been described as a 'detached' owner who often spends long stretches of time away from the organization.

Jordan is criticized in league circles for his detached ownership style, and for filling his front office and executive leadership team with people from his personal network—although he is not unique on either point.

Recently, however, that reputation has started to change. MJ had a direct hand in signing guys like Terry Rozier and Gordon Hayward to the roster.

He also gave his support for picking up LaMelo Ball and has consistently showered him with praise from the very beginning.

The six-time NBA champion said when the Hornets selected Ball with the No. 3 overall pick they hoped the crafty 6-foot-6 point guard would eventually rise to the level of becoming an All-Star.

Jordan likes the way Ball is trending.

“I think Melo has adjusted to the NBA game better than any of us ever thought this early in his career,” Jordan told The Associated Press in an email. “He has exceeded our expectations so far this season.”

The Hornets aren't competing for a title this season, and their situation may not be as desirable as others -- but there is a sense that things are starting to turn around for them.

With Ball, Hayward, Bridges, and Oubre, they have a core that shows a lot of promise for the future, especially with Michael Jordan's competitive spirit guiding the franchise forward.