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Kelly Oubre Jr. Sets Up Richuan Holmes To Become The First Player To Break Quarantine



One of the biggest concerns regarding the NBA restart is whether or not players will be able to abide by quarantine rules. If enough players get exposed or test positive for the virus, it could cancel the 2019-20 campaign for good.

Any player who breaks quarantine (makes contact with anyone or anyplace not inside the bubble) is to be put in a separate quarantine inside the bubble.

Today, we have reports of the first breach in bubble rules and we may have Kelly Oubre Jr. to blame for that.

In a tweet, Oubre wrongfully (and jokingly) claimed that players had to go outside to pick up their food orders. Richaun Holmes apparently took this advice to heart, and actually walked outside to pick up an order. He's now in a separate quarantine for eight days.

He later issued an apology on his Twitter.

"I apologize for my actions and look forward to rejoining my teammates for our playoff push," said Holmes.

It's an unfortunate situation, and hopefully, Holmes remains COVID-free. But it's also good for a chuckle if nothing else and shows the jokes still haven't died in the bubble.

Seriously though, let's hope this kind of thing doesn't happen again.