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Kemba Walker Open To Taking Less Than The Max To Stay In Charlotte

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Kemba Walker has been in Charlotte since the dawn of his 7-year NBA career. And while he has seen plenty of personal success in this time, the same cannot be said of the franchise, who has only made a handful of postseason appearances since.

In spite of the team's obvious dysfunctions, Kemba is willing to take a pay cut if it means he can make things easier for them.

At this point, Kemba's loyalty to the Hornets should not be doubted. Though he will meet with other teams this summer, it is clear that his priority remains leading Charlotte to a Championship.

He is willing to take a pay cut so the team can surround him with better talent. The problem is, acquiring top tier talent has never been an easy task for them. They are a small market team who routinely makes critical, cap-holding mistakes. They have failed to prove they can give Walker enough of a supporting cast -- what evidence do we have that they can change that going forward?

Nonetheless, Kemba is comitted to seeing it through, for better or worse.