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Kendrick Perkins Apologizes To Stephen Curry After Years Of Criticism

Stephen Curry

Kendrick Perkins has finally come into senses about Stephen Curry and the great player he's always been. The Golden State Warriors superstar once again showed he's on a different level right now and nobody seems able to stop him.

After Steph went off, once again, against the Philadelphia 76ers, the former big man didn't have more choice than to praise the 2x NBA MVP and accept that he's from another planet. KP took to Twitter and gave some flowers to Curry, using a very curious reason to explain his jealousy towards the 33-year-old.

"Hey Stephen Curry, anything that I’ve ever said negative about you I apologize Sir! What you are doing on the court and the game of basketball is beyond LEGENDARY!!! Another 49 piece spicy with the W. I was just jealous because you were light skin and I’m not! Carry the hell on."

NBA fans reacted to that, calling out Perkins for his old comments and his tendency to talk about other people's skin color. All of them kept the receipts and let him know.

Well, just as it happened to Perkins, more people have realized we are in front of one of the best players in NBA history. Curry keeps increasing his legend and even now that his Warriors aren't as competitive as before, he's kept them afloat and is getting MVP buzz over the last couple of games. We are witnessing greatness and it's time to start appreciating it.