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Kendrick Perkins Believes Stephen Curry Should Be A Top 5 MVP Candidate

(Randy Vazquez / Bay Area News Group)

(Randy Vazquez / Bay Area News Group)

Stephen Curry has been playing some amazing basketball. Faced with a season without his co-star, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry has been on a tear. Curry is currently averaging 30.0 PPG on 43.5% from beyond the arc. There is no-one else in the league that can do what Curry does for the Warriors. Stephen Curry is playing his best individual basketball in a while, and since he was injured last year, many people have forgotten the joy we have when we watch him play.

Someone who believes that Curry is a top-5 MVP candidate is analyst Kendrick Perkins. Kendrick Perkins states the obvious and says that without Stephen Curry, the Warriors would be in the lottery.

If you look at his stats right now, It's one of the best seasons of his career. It's compared to 2015. They're identical.

Now when I look at this Warriors team and I look at the personnel that they have there. No disrespect to Draymond Green because he's a star in his role. I think Andrew Wiggins has been playing phenomenal, solid basketball in his role as well. But if you take Steph off this Golden State Warriors team, they would be the worst team in the league. They would be in the lottery. He's single handedly carrying this team.

Kendrick Perkins is right in assuming that the Warriors would be in the lottery without Stephen Curry: we saw that last year, and they were in the lottery without Klay Thompson or Stephen Curry. Stephen Curry is one of the best players in our generation, and he deserves to be in consideration for the award, especially if the Warriors are a high seed at the end of the season.