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Kendrick Perkins Blasts The Miami Heat: "I Guess The Miami Heat Think Since They Had A Nice Run Last Season, That Teams Are Supposed To Be Scared Of Them."

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(via Report Door)

(via Report Door)

The Miami Heat had a really nice Finals run last season, during the Orlando bubble. Through Jimmy Butler's leadership, the team made an unlikely run to the Finals, dispatching other contenders such as the Milwaukee Bucks on the way. However this season, they are near the bottom of the Western Conference, and this is not the season that many expected from a team that just made it to the Finals.

The Miami Heat recently lost a winnable game to the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks were without Trae Young and Clint Capela, yet the Miami Heat couldn't capitalize on the opportunity. Basketball analyst Kendrick Perkins has blasted the Miami Heat's performance, claiming that the Miami Heat think that teams should just roll over and be scared of them due to the Heat's stellar run last season.

The NBA landscape is ever-changing, and the Miami Heat can't get complacent and expect to win games. At the same time, it does seem likely that they will make it to the playoffs, simply due to the talent on the roster. While the Miami Heat have been inconsistent for most of the season, perhaps they will figure things out in time for the playoffs.