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Kendrick Perkins Changed His Mind Again: 'Kevin Durant Is The Greatest Player To Wear Thunder Jersey'

(via Blazer's Edge)

(via Blazer's Edge)

Kendrick Perkins seems to have changed his mind on who the best player to ever wear a Thunder jersey is. In the past, he famously held to the opinion that Russell Westbrook is the greatest because of his longevity and storied history with the franchise.

Now, it seems, he believes it's Kevin Durant.

(via Heavy)

"When you look at Russell Westbrook and the body of work that he’s put in during the time wearing a Thunder uniform is apples and oranges. I mean, he leads in every statistical category. Does that make him the best player ever to put on a jersey? No. That would be Kevin Durant.

But Kevin Durant with his decision that he chose to leave, left the door open for Russ and he walked right on in, and he embraced that opportunity. So he leads the organization in points, rebounds, assists, steals, minutes played, games played all the above. So when you think of Thunder basketball, how can you not think of him?”

While Perk still credits Russ as being "Mr. Thunder," he's giving Kevin Durant the honor of being the greatest player to ever wear the jersey -- and it makes sense. Durant is widely recognized as an All-Time great and, today is considered a top-five player in the game. He leads the team in almost every category.

We can't blame Perk for changing his pick on this one -- KD is just too good.