Kendrick Perkins Claims Boston Celtics Should Bring Rajon Rondo Back: "He's Not Fitting Well In Atlanta'

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Once again, the Boston Celtics are struggling to be at the top of their game. They're stacked with young talent and entered the season as one of the teams to beat in the Eastern Conference, yet they've lost 10 of their past 15 games.

Most of those games have been winnable matchups. They've blown leads, they've executed poorly down the stretch, and they've lacked someone to rely on when things get difficult.

Don't get me wrong, both Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have been outstanding, individually speaking, but the team hasn't meshed well this season and that's hurting their chances.

That's why former NBA Champion Kendrick Perkins believes that Danny Ainge needs to bring back Rajon Rondo to get that leadership and floor general they're lacking right now:

"I've been thinking a lot, and guess what the Celtics are missing: Leadership, right? They're also missing a floor general. (...) It's gonna take time for JT (Jayson Tatum) and JB (Jaylen Brown) to being at that level of being floor generals because they're so young. But right now, I'm looking at the Atlanta Hawks, and guess what? Rondo isn't fitting well over there. Bring Rondo back home. We all know when Rondo elevates his game what he's capable of doing. Just ask the Lakers, they're struggling without (him). I can just imagine Rondo being on the court with Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart, Kemba. I know you may be small but the ball would be moving, guys would be getting easier shots, guys would be put in a position to be successful, and we would be bringing ol' Rajon Rondo back to Boston," Perkins commented.

Perkins has a valid point right now. Rondo was supposed to be a veteran for the Hawks and he's excelled at that mentorship role but he hasn't looked well on the court for them. Thus far, he's averaging just 3.8 points and 3.6 assists per game.

The Hawks will eventually get Kris Dunn back from his injury thus making Rondo's presence unnecessary. They both bring similar things to the table: A tough, defensive-minded guard with playmaking skills.

Rondo would most likely love to come back to the place where he thrived the most and the Celtics could certainly use his experience. Get it done, Danny.