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Kendrick Perkins Explains How James Harden's Stripper Habit Hurt The Thunder In The 2012 Finals

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

James Harden's private life got put on blast this offseason, when he was spotted at strip clubs and parties instead of being with his team and preparing for the new season.

Needless to say, these past few months have really tanked Harden's reputation, and many find themselves doubting what he'll be able to do with the Nets.

But his attraction to the wild side is not exactly a new phenomenon. In an appearance on the "All The Smoke" podcast, Kendrick Perkins, who once played with Harden on the Thunder, revealed that his off-court habits may have actually hurt his team in the 2012 Finals.

"Man, James ain't give a s*** and you know why," Perk said ... "Motherf***ing King of Diamonds and everything cut a hole in his hands.

In San Antonio, you didn't have a damn thing to do," Perkins added. "S***, we got to motherf***ing Miami, it was every-motherf***ing-thing to do. We couldn't get that motherf***ker to buy a bucket in that motherf***er."

Harden averaged just 12.4 points per game that series, shooting just 37% from the field. While much of that can be attributed to nervousness and the staunch defense of Miami, it seems Harden's partying addiction might have also played a role.

Unfortunately, we'll never get a true answer on that one. But if James ever wants to redeem himself, and recover his legacy, he's going to have to go all-in on basketball and start winning where it counts the most.