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Kendrick Perkins Explains How Stephen Curry Changed The Game Of Basketball: 'He Gives Hope For Small And Less Athletic Players'

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

When it comes to impact, there may not be another name in NBA history who has impacted the game more than Curry. For most of its history, the NBA was ruled by dominant big men and strong, powerful wings who often used brute force and strength to get their way.

It wasn't until Curry came on the scene in 2009 that all of that began to change. The small, 6-3 guard from Davidson was dominating in a new way (from three) and it has started a revolution of sorts. Small guards are the NBA's big thing now and people are shooting from the perimeter at a higher rate than ever before.

If nothing else, Curry deserves credit for helping jumpstart these changes. In an appearance on ESPN, former league big man Kendrick Perkins shared his thoughts on Curry and how he helped re-shape the game of basketball.

“Steph Curry is 1-of-1. … He’s a generational talent. He changed the game because it’s not like… people call him a point guard. I don’t. I call him a hybrid…,” Perkins said. He also compared the three-time NBA champion to Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan in the way he changed the game by bringing something new."

Curry has become a figure of hope for the smaller players out there. Despite his size and playstyle, he dominates the court and takes over the game like nobody has before. It's inspiring.

So far, he's got a lot to show for it, too, with 2 MVPs, 3 NBA Championships, and 2x Olympic Gold medalist. No doubt, we haven't even seen it all yet.