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Kendrick Perkins Fires Back At Draymond Green For Calling Him An Ogre: "Ayy Draymond... You Ain't Handsome, Damn Sure Ain't Cute."

Kendrick Perkins and Draymond Green have been throwing shots at one another over the last week or so. It started with Perkins calling Draymond out for not playing like himself, and Draymond responded in a scathing post-game tirade, calling Perkins an ogre and bashing him for his takes. Perkins has suggested that Green is scared of shooting the ball and Draymond didn't like it. 

Green later went on to reply to a fan on Twitter, who told him that Perkins was chasing smoke with him by saying that he wasn't surprised as engaging with Dray makes Big Perk relevant. Well, the former NBA center wasn't going to stay very quiet about it. He responded to Draymond, clearly offended at the implication that he is ugly: 

"Ayy Draymond. Ogre? Ogre? What you calling me? Ayy listen, you ain't handsome. Damn sure ain't cute. Man I been having a dime piece on my side, my wife been on my side since the 10th grade. Before the NBA logo. Before Jerry West was on my socks, I been having mine. You know what I'm sayin', that's neither here or there but at the end of the day, I'm not like these other cats. Imma say what I wanna say." 

"Thinking I'm going to be quiet or thinking man look, you got the wrong one. I ain't gonna shut up for nobody. I ain't buying none of that. I ain't buying none of it, so remember that. My whole message to you is, you ain't handsome, you ugly... Carry on."

Perkins certainly pulled no punches in his retort to Draymond, although Green has bigger things to worry about than some Twitter beef with a media personality. It wouldn't be surprising if it comes up again at some point though, as Green does have his own podcast.