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Kendrick Perkins: 'I Would Trade Kyrie Irving For James Harden In A Heartbeat.'

Kendrick Perkins: 'I Would Trade Kyrie Irving For James Harden In A Heartbeat.'

James Harden's name has been everywhere around the NBA community after he reportedly requested a trade from the Houston Rockets. Harden apparently didn't like the Rockets signing Stephen Silas over his preferred candidate to head coach, Tyronn Lue, and decided to start forcing out his exit from the team.

He was said to be wanting to join the Brooklyn Nets to team up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, his former teammate on the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Rockets would be willing to trade Harden to Brooklyn but only if one of Kyrie or Durant is sent to Houston, something that the Nets don't see with good eyes. They have a good team right now, with Durant and Irving leading the way for them.

However, not everybody feels like keeping Irving is the best option for Brooklyn, even less if that means not having Harden on board. ESPN's Kendrick Perkins made the case for the Nets to send Kyrie to Houston for Harden, bringing up the relationship that already existed between Durant and the Beard in OKC. Talking with Brando 'Scoop B' Robinson, Perk explained (2:10 minute):

“If I’m Brooklyn, and I’m looking to do what’s best for this Brooklyn team, and I’m looking to get better, hell yeah, I’d trade Kyrie for James Harden in a heartbeat,” Perkins told Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson on Heavy Live with Scoop B. “I don’t even think about that.”

He admitted that KD will always have a say on any move the Nets decide to make regarding Kyrie. The 2008 NBA champion claimed that KD won't do that, even though that means not having Harden with him.

“They formed this team together, so you know Kevin Durant is not going to turn his back on Kyrie,” Perkins said.

Durant and Irving are yet to play a game together and some people are already urging the Nets to split up their duo. If they could manage to keep their two stars and bring in Harden, that would be a dream for the Nets but that's not an option for Houston. They want an All-Star/All-NBA player in return for their superstar, so this is incredibly hard to make for Brooklyn.