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Kendrick Perkins: "I Wouldn't Be Surprised If The Lakers Land Another Star This Offseason."

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Mere hours after watching the Lakers win the 2018-20 NBA Championship, Kendrick Perkins spoke on the "Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin" podcast, telling the world that the Purple and Gold (with as good as they are right now) might just add another star to play alongside their superstar duo.

"Realistically, how many more Championships can the Lakers win with LeBron James?"

"Two, at least. We heard LeBron James last night say he had at least 4 or 5 good years left in him, and I believe him... and I wouldn't be surprised if the Lakers land another star this offseason. Don't be surprised if they pull off something and they have another young star come move into LA, playing for the Lakers."

The list of available free-agents include Brandon Ingram, DeMar DeRozan, Gordon Hayward, Andre Drummond, Mike Conley, Danilo Gallinari, and Montrezl Harrell -- just to name a few. With multiple contracts expiring, the Lakers will have some financial flexibility to work with. Of course, they could also look to the trade market.

Whatever the case, the Lakers are the league's hottest market right now and players will be lining up in hopes of hopping on the bandwagon this offseason.

Whether or not it will bring another title, though it still anyone's guess. We'll just have to wait and see what they're able to do.